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My ongoing photography and videography endeavor, "Assimilation," is a poignant exploration of the complex and multifaceted nature of identity, particularly in the context of the immigrant experience in America. Inspired by my personal relationship with my husband, this project delves deep into the inner turmoil and emotional struggles of those who have relocated to the United States, as they navigate the delicate balance between preserving their cultural roots and adapting to their newfound American lifestyle.

Through a profound and introspective lens, "Assimilation" sheds light on the inherent guilt and conflict that arises when immigrants create new traditions that blend aspects of their native cultures with those of their adopted homeland. Focusing specifically on those who have married outside of their own culture, this project employs the power of photography and videography to illuminate the shifting landscapes of cultural identity and tradition in contemporary society.

With "Assimilation," I aim to ignite a broader conversation about the complexity of identity and cultural assimilation and to honor the voices of those whose experiences have been marginalized and overlooked.

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