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Teaching Philosophy

As an artist and educator, I am committed to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment that empowers students to explore and express their unique voices. Inquiry-based, hands-on projects are the most effective way to facilitate deep learning and encourage students to actively engage with their surroundings by gathering information, asking questions, and making meaningful connections.

In my classroom, I prioritize student agency and believe their voice should be at the forefront of their educational experience. By aligning projects with educational objectives and encouraging students to embrace technological tools like digital media, I challenge them to think creatively and push beyond their comfort zones.

As Samuel Beckett famously wrote, "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." The most meaningful growth comes from taking risks and embracing failure. Creating a supportive and encouraging environment empowers my students to take risks, learn from their mistakes, and develop an advanced dialogue regarding their artistic practice with their peers.

In summary, my teaching philosophy centers on creating a learning environment that fosters exploration encourages students' voices and promotes risk-taking and failure as essential components of artistic growth.

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