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This photo project began as a simple experiment in a photo lighting class but has since evolved into a stunning collection of feline photographic parodies that explore the intersection between pop culture and art. The project is centered around Penny Arcade, a former stray cat that the artist found on the streets of Brooklyn during the late summer of 2013, who serves as the muse and inspiration for the entire series.

The project consists of carefully crafted photographs that recreate iconic pop culture moments with Penny Arcade as the star. Each photograph is a meticulously staged and executed parody that showcases the artist's unique vision and a keen eye for detail. Through her lens, the artist invites the viewer to explore the world of pop culture freshly and excitingly, with Penny Arcade as their guide.

Copycat - Pop Culture Parodies is a testament to the artist's skill and creativity, as well as her deep love and affection for her feline muse. The project is a celebration of art, pop culture, and the magical bond that can exist between an artist and their subject. With its clever parodies and stunning imagery, Copycat is sure to capture the imagination of anyone who loves art, photography, and pop culture.


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