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Amy Davis

Artist and Educator 


My artistic practice centers on an exploration of identity in the age of social media, using photography, video, and multimedia installations as my primary mediums. I am fascinated by how the camera and social media enable us to invent and project idealized versions of ourselves to an ever-widening audience, constructing self-curated narratives that have been a part of photography's history since its inception.

My previous works have focused on the ways in which we construct and curate our identities online. By examining the voyeuristic nature of social media and the desire to be seen and to see others, I have sought to expose the complexities of this new form of self-expression in a digital world.

My latest project, "Inference," is an interactive installation that delves deeper into our fascination with peeking into the lives of others and the impressions we form of their personal identities based on their photographic images. The installation features 6x6 foot photo mosaics, which are composed of the entirety of a subject's images and text messages stored on their phone. The viewer can zoom into each image or read each text message, creating a modern-day equivalent of peeking through a person's diary. This project encourages reflection on the ways in which we form judgments and make assumptions based on the visual information we consume online.

My current photo and video project, "Assimilation," is a deeply personal investigation into the dual nature of identity, particularly as experienced by immigrants who have relocated to the United States. Through my relationship with my husband, I have been inspired to explore the complex struggles that immigrants face as they shift their cultural identities to adopt the American lifestyle, while also grappling with the guilt of creating new traditions that blend aspects of their native cultures with those of their adopted homeland. My aim is to use the power of photography and video to shed light on the shifting landscapes of cultural identity and tradition in contemporary society, with a particular focus on immigrants who have married outside of their own culture. By exploring these themes, I hope to ignite a broader conversation about the complexities of identity and cultural assimilation in the modern world.


  • MFA (Photography Video and Related Media), School of Visual Arts – New York, NY, 2014

  • BA (Journalism and English), Michigan State University – East Lansing, MI, 2006

Exhibitions: ARTIST


  • The Family, Group exhibition, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, Italy, September 2023

  • Blue, Group exhibition, Midwest Center for Photography, Wichita, KS, June 2023, Photography

  • HOMECOMING: Society for Photographic Education’s Combined Caucus Exhibition, Denver, CO, March 2023


  • Society for Photographic Education’s 10th Annual Combined Caucus Exhibition, June 2022

  • The Ephemeral and the Evanescence, Group Exhibition, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, Italy, July 2022


  • Restructuring, Group exhibition, Flint, MI, May 2021


  • Screens, Group exhibition, Flint, MI, February 2020


  • Popscapes, Solo show, Eagle Monk Gallery

  • Emerging Artist, East Lansing Art Festival 


  • The Cat Show, PH21 Gallery, May 2016 

  • Group Session, Bushwick Open Studios, June 2015 


  • Spring and Rebirth, Maison de Santé Saint-Paul, 10/19-October 2014 

  • SVA MFA Photo & Related Media Thesis show, SVA Gallery, New York, NY, 6/14-6/28

  • Presence, SVA Galley, New York, NY (opens May 28th)

  • PDN 2014 Photo Annual Award recipient 

  • Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 


  • Curate NYC, Gallery Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY 

  • Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1, Industry City, Brooklyn, NY ( 

  • Interior Motives, SVA Gallery, New York, NY

  • The Artist Catalogue, Volume 2 Issue 2

  • Street Shots/NYC, Seaport Museum, New York, NY


  • Benefit Auction, NURTUREart, Brooklyn, NY

  • Souls, SVA Gallery, New York, NY



  • Fantastic Impossibilities: A Remix of Dysfunction, a mixed-media show for Flint’s Artwalk on the subjects of American popular culture and self-identification and representations  



  • Aint-Bad Magazine

  • Mashable

  • Design Taxi

  • AOL

  • Copycat: Pop Culture Parodies


  • PDN Photo Annual


  • The Artist Catalogue, Volume 2, Issue 2

  • All the Best, Alice


  • All the Best, Alice

  • Lansing State Journal

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